A Timeline of COVID-19 Vaccine Developments for the Second Half of 2021

September 21st 2021, 6:15pm


As the second half of 2021 ended and Americans hoped for a summer of freedom from social distancing, a new threat was emerging due to lagging vaccination rates despite the widespread availability of 3 vaccines for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Symptoms Can Differentiate Respiratory Diseases, Study Says

September 21st 2021, 4:50pm


Among patients with COVID-19, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma were more prevalent than allergic rhinitis.

What We’re Reading: Pfizer Underscores Vaccine Safety; COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Updated; Democrats Push Health Care Reforms

September 20th 2021, 1:46pm


Pfizer says a newly formulated dose of its vaccine is safe and effective in children; CDC data underscore the efficacy of the 3 COVID-19 vaccines; Biden aims to reform health care with trillion-dollar package.

Study Reinforces Effectiveness of HD-Trivalent Influenza Vaccines

September 18th 2021, 3:40pm


High-dose trivalent flu vaccine was associated with a reduced risk of hospitalization and emergency department visits for pneumonia or influenza in adults aged 65 and above, according to a recent study.

Back-to-School Virus Watch: Children Are at Risk for More Than Just COVID-19

September 7th 2021, 7:15pm


Researchers have found that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused potentially millions of children to miss routine vaccines. During a time of back-to-school excitement and reversals of transmission prevention efforts in some states, children may be at risk of facing a slew of non-COVID-19 viral outbreaks.

Study Adds Knowledge to Asthma Severity’s Effects on Health-Related Quality of Life

September 4th 2021, 6:32pm


The authors said the results may prove useful in adding to the relatively small body of information known about the relationship between health-related quality of life and how the severity of asthma affects a patient’s preference values.

Hospital Discharge Diagnosis Position: Impact on Adult Pneumonia Burden Estimates

August 27th 2021, 7:00pm


Disease burden estimates of pneumonia-associated hospitalizations are more sensitive when including pneumonia coded in any diagnosis field vs in only the first discharge diagnosis field.

What We’re Reading: FDA Rejects Some e-Cigarette Products; Oregon, Idaho Struggle With COVID-19 Surges; Drop in Breast Cancer Screenings

August 27th 2021, 2:05pm


FDA halts sale of more than 50,000 flavored e-cigarette products; health systems in Idaho and Oregon struggle to meet the influx of patients with COVID-19; drop in breast cancer screening rates seen throughout pandemic.

Developing a PROM to Measure Severity of Chronic Cough

August 21st 2021, 9:00pm


Researchers conducted a literature survey about chronic cough symptoms to create a patient-reported outcome measurement (PROM) tool in order to measure cough severity.

Study Adds Evidence Linking Vaping to Short-term Lung Symptoms in Youth

August 20th 2021, 7:00pm


Use of electronic nicotine products was associated with an increased likelihood of dry nighttime cough and wheezing in adolescents, according to findings gleaned from a large survey.