Does Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Affect T2D Risk?

December 1st 2021, 3:00pm


Results of a cohort study showed that transfeminine individuals may be at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes (T2D) compared with cisgender females, but revealed little evidence that gender-affirming hormone therapy impacts diabetes risk.

Variability in Statin Use Seen Among Finnish T2D Population

November 29th 2021, 6:35pm


Data showed differences in statin use to prevent cardiovascular disease among Finnish patients with type 2 diabetes.

Contributor: CMS Has Decided to Put Its Muscle Behind Glycemic Management—Why Now?

November 22nd 2021, 4:00pm


CMS' introduction of 3 new electronic clinical quality measures, 2 of which are focused on inpatient glycemic management, signal a strong commitment to shine a light on this often-overlooked area, according to the chief medical officer at Glytec.

Dr Robert Gabbay Outlines How the Health Equity Now Initiative Addresses Diabetes Care Disparities

November 16th 2021, 5:30pm


Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, chief scientific and medical officer at the American Diabetes Association, explains the Health Equity Now initiative and how it shines a light on health disparities.

Dr Robert Gabbay on COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Diabetes Community

November 10th 2021, 5:00pm


Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, chief scientific and medical officer at the American Diabetes Association, discusses COVID-19 vaccinations among people with diabetes as they have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic.

Challenges With Implementing the Diabetes Prevention Program for Medicare Beneficiaries in an Integrated Health System

November 10th 2021, 5:00pm


This study presents challenges of implementing the CDC-approved Diabetes Prevention Program for Medicare beneficiaries at a large, integrated health care delivery system.

Analysis Details Factors Associated With T2D Development Among Women With PCOS

November 8th 2021, 4:40pm


Results of a cross-sectional study detail characteristics among women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) who develop type 2 diabetes.

Study Evaluates Impact of Food Environments on T2D Risk

November 3rd 2021, 12:00pm


Results of a longitudinal study indicate community food accessibility factors may impact type 2 diabetes risk among veterans.

Research Highlights Racial/Ethnic Diabetes Disparities Based on Age of Diagnosis

October 31st 2021, 3:00pm


New research underscores racial/ethnic diabetes disparities in the United States.

Dr Robert Gabbay Discusses SGLT2 Inhibitor Uptake Among Cardiologists, Nephrologists

October 29th 2021, 5:15pm


As time goes on, we're finding out more and more benefits of sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors, said Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD, the chief science and medical officer at the American Diabetes Association.