Parkinson Disease

The AJMC® Parkinson Disease compendium is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights for progressive nervous system disorder, which affects movement and often includes tremors.

Report Examines Extent of Disruption of Health Services for Patients With PD, Dementia in Ontario

January 21st 2022, 10:15pm


Researchers said they wanted to take a broad look at the level and scope of the disruption for those with Parkinson disease and dementia still living at home and compare the findings to before the pandemic.

Exploring Attitudes Toward Medication Management, Caregiving in Parkinson Disease

January 17th 2022, 7:45pm


Researchers wanted to understand more about the impact of medication management and other quality-of-life issues related to this neurological disease on both patients and caregivers.

Different Pathogeneses May Cause Dementia in Older, Younger Patients With PD

January 15th 2022, 7:00pm


Older patients with Parkinson disease (PD) were found to have a higher incidence of dementia compared with younger patients. However, the difference may have to do with different pathologies causing dementia in older and younger patients.

Some Genes May Alter Cognition in Parkinson Disease More Than Others

January 14th 2022, 5:05pm


A recent review suggests that some genes may influence the severity of cognition impairment in Parkinson disease.

Flu May Be Linked to Increased Risk of Parkinson Disease, Danish Study Finds

January 7th 2022, 10:15pm


A case-control study from Denmark suggests that having influenza may increase the risk of Parkinson disease more than a decade later.

Researchers Use fMRI to Examine Neuroplasticity in Dysphagia Caused by PD

January 6th 2022, 11:03am


Researchers sought to examine the effect on corresponding regions of the brain after patients with Parkinson disease (PD) and swallowing problems underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) after receiving 10 sessions of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Top 5 Most-Read Parkinson Disease Articles of 2021

December 31st 2021, 1:52pm


The top 5 most-read Parkinson disease articles of 2021 explored some of the new tactics being used to manage the disease, such as herbal tea, acupuncture, wearable tech, and cannabis.

Study to Assess Benefits of Home Visits Among Patients With Advanced Parkinson

December 29th 2021, 8:45pm


The new research is aimed at a patient group often left out of research studies.

Parkinson Disease Lengthens ICU Stays, but Does Not Increase Mortality

December 22nd 2021, 5:45pm


A new study comparing intensive care unit stays among patients with Parkinson disease and controls without the disease found the former have more severe illness, but both groups have similar survival rates.

Regular Exercise Linked to Lower All-Cause Mortality in PD

December 18th 2021, 9:15pm


Until now, researchers have not quantified the impact of regular exercise on death for any reason in patients with Parkinson disease (PD).