Higher Risk of Systemic, Psychiatric Conditions Found in Patients With Atopic Dermatitis

December 3rd 2021, 4:00pm


A high comorbidity burden, including psychiatric, autoimmune, and systemic conditions, was found in US adult ambulatory populations with atopic dermatitis.

Variation in Early Diffusion of Sacubitril/Valsartan and Implications for Understanding Novel Drug Diffusion

December 3rd 2021, 2:00pm


Rates of sacubitril/valsartan diffusion have been slow and there has been significant geographic variation, highlighting the importance of local prescribing patterns in early drug diffusion.

Dr Robert Hopkin on Unmet Needs in Fabry Disease

December 2nd 2021, 8:30pm


Robert J. Hopkin, MD, clinical geneticist, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, addresses major unmet needs in Fabry disease, ranging from uncontrolled pain to irreversible damage prior to treatment initiation.

Brodalumab Improves Skin Clearance, QOL vs Ustekinumab in Comorbid Psoriasis, PsA

December 2nd 2021, 7:30pm


Patients with concomitant psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) were shown to be 3.1-fold more likely to achieve complete skin clearance when treated with brodalumab vs ustekinumab after 52 weeks, with further improvements reported for quality of life (QOL).

PCOS May Predispose Women to Higher Risk of Psychosis, Study Suggests

December 1st 2021, 8:00pm


This new study from Finland highlights both the potential for severe psychiatric disturbances among women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and lack of extensive knowledge of the toll of psychoses among this group.

Dupilumab-Induced Ophthalmic Disease Common in Adults With Atopic Dermatitis

December 1st 2021, 6:00pm


More than 1 in 3 patients with atopic dermatitis reported incidence of dupilumab-induced ocular surface disease (DIOSD), with asthma and family history of AD shown to further increase the risk of developing DIOSD.

Increasing Trust in Health Care

December 1st 2021, 2:00pm


This commentary describes 4 dimensions of trust that have been illuminated by contributions from leading health care organizations to the ABIM Foundation’s Trust Practices Network.

Contributor: While Many Americans Refuse COVID-19 Vaccination, People Affected by HIV Have Been Waiting for 40 Years

December 1st 2021, 11:30am


The social, structural, and economic drivers of HIV are not so different from COVID-19. Still, those who have witnessed the ravages of HIV have been in a 40-year holding pattern when it comes to a vaccine, according to experts from the Rutgers School of Public Health.

Mobile App Shows Promise as Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk Assessment Tool

November 30th 2021, 6:55pm


A mobile app was shown to be feasible in identifying risk of obstructive sleep apnea and associated symptoms, as well as promoting management recommendations among an outpatient cohort.

TNF Inhibitors Show Real-world Efficacy on QOL of Patients With Nail Psoriasis, PsA

November 29th 2021, 7:30pm


Patients with concomitant psoriasis, nail psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis (PsA) exhibited significant improvements in joint and disease severity symptoms, as well as quality of life (QOL) after 3 months of treatment with tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF) inhibitors of adalimumab, etanercept, or infliximab.