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Tocilizumab Leads to Improvement in Patients With Active Polymyalgia Rheumatica Despite Prednisone Therapy

September 25th 2022, 1:32pm


However, patient-reported scores were not significantly better in the tocilizumab group.

Study Supports Comprehensive Genomic Profiling for Patients With Biliary Tract Cancer

September 24th 2022, 5:00pm


A small study suggests that comprehensive genomic profiling can help with clinical decision-making and predicting clinical outcomes in advanced biliary tract cancer, but further research is needed.

Dermoscopy Holds Limited Potential to Differentiate BCC From Benign Tumors

September 24th 2022, 2:10pm


Despite some differences in the frequency of dermoscopic features between basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and benign skin tumors, dermoscopy alone is not sufficient for a reliable diagnosis, according to a recent study.

Genomic Testing Could Be More Beneficial for Patients With CKD

September 24th 2022, 12:29pm


Genomic testing can benefit patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) as more causative genes are identified and evidence for clinical utility is discovered.

Case Report Describes Youngest Recorded Patient With Intrahepatic Sarcomatoid Cholangiocarcinoma

September 24th 2022, 3:00am


The rare condition can easily be confused with hepatocellular carcinoma, but immunohistochemical studies can help accurately diagnose intrahepatic sarcomatoid cholangiocarcinoma.

Role of JAK Inhibitors in Treatment of Vitiligo

September 23rd 2022, 4:46pm


Dr Rosmarin illustrates treatment management of vitiligo with the use of JAK inhibitors.

Unmet Needs in Vitiligo Treatment Landscape

September 23rd 2022, 4:41pm


The panel navigates unmet needs surrounding the vitiligo treatment landscape.

AACR Progress Report Highlights New Drugs Along With Disparities, Challenges of Obesity, Aging Population

September 23rd 2022, 2:51pm


The annual report notes that progress in reducing cancer mortality is uneven among populations, with minority groups not seeing the same benefits from therapeutic advances. Cancers related to obesity are also on the rise.

Dr Hatim Husain Discusses HER2, Novel Therapy Exploration in Lung Cancer

September 23rd 2022, 2:24pm


During the Quality Cancer Care Alliance Summer 2022 National Leadership Summit, Hatim Husain, MD, discusses how HER2 exploration in lung cancer differs from that in breast cancer, as well as novel therapies being explored for HER2 and other disease targets.

Identifying Unmet Needs Surrounding Patients With Heart Failure

September 23rd 2022, 2:07pm


The panel of experts provide their final insights regarding unmet needs surrounding treatment management of heart failure.