The American Journal of Accountable Care

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Authorship / Disclosure Forms - All manuscript authors must complete these 2 forms (available at in order to be considered for acceptance and eventual publication. AJAC authors should use the AJMC forms.

All manuscripts and corresponding materials/documents must be submitted through our online submission system at:

Prior to Submission Checklist – Before submitting your manuscript, please review the following items to make sure your submission is accurate and complete.
  • Provide the names, degree(s), and affiliations for each coauthor and the complete mailing address and email address of the corresponding author in an Unblinded Title Page.
  • Clearly indicate source(s) of funding on the title pages.
  • Prepare a précis (concise summary of the article; no more than 25 words) for use in the table of contents.
  • For Original Research articles, include a structured abstract (Objectives, Study Design, Methods, Results, Conclusions) no longer than 250 words. Select 3 to 5 key words.
  • Select 3 to 5 key words
  • Include an appropriate and timely list of references (formatted per AMA style), cited in numerical order as they appear in the text.
  • Submit a completed Authorship Form signed by each author (please be sure that Section D has been completed).
  • Submit a completed Author Disclosure Form signed by each author.
  • If applicable, obtain permission to reproduce material from other sources.
  • If applicable, submit copies of “in press” and related publications.
  • If applicable, authors should also include a statement in the body of the paper that indicates whether the study was approved by an institutional review board.
  • If applicable, a statement confirming that the informed consent of study subjects was obtained should be included in the manuscript.