The American Journal of Managed Care

Call for Papers

The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®) is continually seeking submissions for the regular issue, as well as an annual theme issue on Health Information Technology and other topics. AJMC®'s editorial coverage interests also include articles in a variety of therapeutic categories to help translate clinical discoveries into better health outcomes and accelerate the implementation of proven innovations and technologies.
We seek original research and informed commentary covering a wide range of managed care topics:

  • Disease areas (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular complications, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, infectious disease, other)
  • The evolving role of quality measures
  • Effects of healthcare policy reform
  • Obstacles and best practices in providing access to the entire continuum of care
  • Improving patient adherence
  • Impact of care coordination on health outcomes
  • Successes and challenges of various care delivery models
  • Methodologies for provider and payer accountability
  • Innovative partnerships between payers, providers, and manufacturers
  • Effects of changing capitation and reimbursement models on healthcare delivery
  • Cost of new therapeutic agents and their impact on utilization
  • Comparative effectiveness research and methodologies
  • Methods to identify and eliminate low-value care

Please visit the Submission Guidelines section of for details on formatting and other requirements. Due to space restrictions, please limit your manuscript as outlined in the Manuscript Categories section. The final decision regarding a paper's acceptance will be made by the editors; each accepted paper will be peer reviewed.

Please submit all manuscripts through AJMC®'s online submission system at:

If you have questions or wish to speak to an editor, please email: Christina Mattina (

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