The American Journal of Managed Care


The Journal can publish only a fraction of the papers it receives each year (approximately 35%). Manuscripts accepted for publication usually appear in print within 9 months from the date of acceptance.

Prior Publication: Manuscripts submitted for publication in The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®) must not have been published previously (either in whole or in part) nor currently be submitted elsewhere in either identical or similar form. Material posted on the Internet or disseminated in any other electronic form constitutes prior publication and may not be considered. Previous publication of a small fraction of the content of a manuscript does not necessarily preclude its being published in AJMC®, but the editors need information about previous publication when deciding how to use space in the Journal efficiently. These restrictions on prior publication, however, do not apply to abstracts or poster presentations published in connection with scientific meetings or to working papers that have been posted on the web to facilitate peer feedback.

Authors must indicate in the cover letter whether any portion of the manuscript has been previously published and are required to submit copies of related publications (either published, in preparation, or submitted), as well as any manuscripts cited as "in press" to the editors for review. Duplicate, redundant, and/or fragmented publications are not permitted. (Refer to Chapter 5 of the American Medical Association Manual of Style for further information on duplicate publication.) 

Length Restrictions: Strict length requirements according to manuscript category will be upheld. See Manuscript Categories for more information.

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