About the Journal

Mission: In December 2013, the publisher of The American Journal of Managed Care® introduced a new publication devoted to covering the nation’s transition from a fee-for-service payment delivery model to a model that pays for quality: The American Journal of Accountable Care® (AJAC). The Journal is keenly focused on health care reform, and, in turn, new practices required by the transition to new payment models tied to measures of health care quality, efficiency, and value.

Readership: Evidence-Based Oncology™ circulates to nearly 20,500 individuals with important decision-making responsibilities who influence the access to and utilization of health care resources. Our audience includes medical directors, Medicaid directors, pharmacy and therapeutics committee members, pharmacy directors, formulary directors, physicians, corporate benefits managers, and other healthcare professionals across these 6 market segments: (1) HMO/PPO/IHOs; (2) hospitals; (3) long-term care; (4) PBMs; (5) VA/government; and (6) employers.

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