Patient Selection and Safety With TNF Inhibitors

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Controlling Autoimmune Disease and Impact on Maternal Health
June 24, 2019 – 
Christopher Robinson, MD, MSCR, FACOG, comments on the importance of helping women with autoimmune disease establish a long-term care plan to help them navigate through their childbearing years.
Autoimmune Disease & Maternal Health: Improvements in Treatment
June 17, 2019 – 
Developments in the treatment of autoimmune disease that may have a positive effect on maternal health.
Breastfeeding and Autoimmune Disease
June 17, 2019 – 
Tips to help address patients’ concerns regarding breastfeeding and treatment for autoimmune disease, and recommendations for managing an infant if he or she is exposed to a biologic therapy.
Autoimmune Disease & Pregnancy: Establishing a Care Plan
June 10, 2019 – 
Recommendations for evaluating and working with patients who have an autoimmune disease to establish a care plan during pregnancy.
Autoimmune Disease, Conception, and Disease Control
June 10, 2019 – 
Considerations for managing patients with autoimmune disease who are conceiving with a TNF inhibitor.
Family Planning and Autoimmune Disease
June 04, 2019 – 
Recommendations to help patients with autoimmune diseases navigate through concerns regarding family planning, and considerations for selecting an appropriate treatment strategy.
Maternal–Fetal Medicine and Autoimmune Disease
June 04, 2019 – 
Christopher Robinson, MD, MSCR, FACOG, explains the role of a maternal–fetal medicine specialist in caring for patients with autoimmune diseases.
Implications of Using TNF Inhibitors During Lactation
February 04, 2019 – 
Megan E.B. Clowse, MD, reacts to the potential for treating patients with autoimmune diseases with certolizumab and its effects on childbearing and discusses her expectations for managing patients with novel therapies based on emerging guidelines.
The CRADLE Trial and Autoimmune Disease
February 04, 2019 – 
An overview regarding the CRADLE trial evaluating the concentration of certolizumab pegol in mature breast milk of lactating mothers with autoimmune diseases.
TNF Inhibitors and Pregnancy
January 28, 2019 – 
Considerations for using certolizumab or other TNF (tumor necrosis factor) inhibitors for managing an autoimmune disease during and after pregnancy.
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