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The American Journal of Managed Care March 2000
Opportunities and Challenges in Medicaid Managed Care: The Experience in Maryland
Phoebe D. Sharkey, PhD; Frederick W. Derrick, PhD; Janet Freeze, JD; Roosevelt Bush, DDS, MPH; Sandra Gooding, PhD; John Cotner, PhD; Anthon
Current Concepts in the Management of Smoking Cessation: A Review
Ranea A. Brown, PharmD; John C. Larkin, PharmD; Roger L. Davis, PharmD
The Cost of Productivity Losses Associated with Allergic Rhinitis
Jodi Crystal-Peters, BA; William H. Crown, PhD; Ron Z. Goetzel, PhD; David C. Schutt, MD
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The Critical Role of Management in the Delivery of Healthcare Services
Stephen M. Davidson, PhD
Factors Influencing Use of the Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening Test in Primary Care
William P. Moran, MD, MS; Stuart J. Cohen, EdD; John S. Preisser, PhD; James L. Wofford, MD, MS; Brent J. Shelton, MS; Maureen W. McClatchey, PhD
Healthcare Utilization among Hispanics: Findings from the 1994 Minority Health Survey
Todd H. Wagner, PhD; Sylvia Guendelman, PhD
The Association between Pharmacy Closures and Prescription Drug Use: A Retrospective Analysis of Medicaid Prescription Claims in Iowa
Hong Xiao, PhD; Bernard Sorofman, PhD; Henri R. Manasse, Jr., PhD
Cost and Quality under Managed Care: Irreconcilable Differences?
Eugene Litvak, PhD; Michael C. Long, MD
Utilization and Effectiveness of a Weight-Based Heparin Nomogram at a Large Academic Medical Center
Thomas J. Balcezak, MD; Harlan M. Krumholz, MD, MSc; Geoffrey S. Getnick, AB; Viola Vaccarino, MD, PhD; Zhen Qiu Lin, PhD; Edwin C. Cadman, MD

The Critical Role of Management in the Delivery of Healthcare Services

Stephen M. Davidson, PhD
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