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The American Journal of Managed Care - August 2012

August 20, 2012 – John B. Bulger, DO; Jay H. Shubrook, DO; and Richard Snow, DO, MPH
Racial disparities are widespread in healthcare. Disparities can have a strong influence on diabetes care. This manuscript explores the source of such disparities.
August 23, 2012 – Janet Shin, PharmD; Jeffrey S. McCombs, PhD; Robert J. Sanchez, RPh, PhD; Margarita Udall, MPH; Michael C. Deminski, MS, RPh; and T. Craig Cheetham, PharmD, MS
This retrospective study measures primary nonadherence rates for 10 drug groups and identifies important factors of primary nonadherence for chronic and acute medications.
August 23, 2012 – Leif I. Solberg, MD; Cally Vinz, MBA, RN; and Jim E. Trevis, BA
This article reports a unique statewide initiative in Minnesota to improve orders for high-tech diagnostic imaging tests while reducing their overall frequency and costs.
August 23, 2012 – Jeremy B. Sussman, MD, MS; Donna M. Zulman, MD, MS; Rodney Hayward, MD; Timothy P. Hofer, MD, MS; and Eve A. Kerr, MD, MPH
This study shows how cardiovascular prevention would be much more efficient if risk were used in treatment decisions, but that currently it plays no role.
August 24, 2012 – Michael E. Chernew, PhD; Richard G. Frank, PhD; and Stephen T. Parente, PhD
Recognizing shared features of 2 Medicare payment reform strategies, premium support and global payment, may help us focus on, and resolve, the differences.
August 23, 2012 – Louise H. Anderson, PhD; Thomas J. Flottemesch, PhD; Patricia Fontaine, MD, MS; Leif I. Solberg, MD; and Stephen E. Asche, MA
Patients who often change medical groups have the highest healthcare costs. The improved coordination of an accountable care organization may reduce those costs.
August 24, 2012 – John Romley, PhD; Dana Goldman, PhD; Michael Eber, BSE; Homa Dastani, PhD; Edward Kim, MD, MBA; and Swetha Raparla, BPharm, MS
This study examines the association between cost-sharing and initiation of disease-modifying therapies among privately insured patients with multiple sclerosis.
August 23, 2012 – Lisa M. Kern, MD, MPH; Adam Wilcox, PhD; Jason Shapiro, MD; Rina V. Dhopeshwarkar, MPH; and Rainu Kaushal, MD, MPH
This framework suggests new meaningful use measures and guidance for prioritizing implementation of different health information technology functionalities, based on their expected financial effects.
August 15, 2012 – Valerie P. Pracilio, MPH; Stephen Silberstein, MD; Joseph Couto, PharmD, MBA; Jon Bumbaugh, MA; Mary Hopkins, RN; Daisy Ng-Mak, PhD; Cary Sennett, MD, PhD; and Neil I. Goldfarb, BA
Standardized measurement of migraine, an underdiagnosed and perhaps underrecognized condition, is necessary for health plans to understand utilization of costly diagnostic and treatment services.
August 15, 2012 – Stuart Levine, MD, MHA; Bernard A. Steinman, PhD; Karol Attaway, MHA; Tyler Jung, MD; and Susan Enguidanos, PhD
Randomized controlled trial of a home care program for managed care patients resulted in lower probability of hospital admission and greater patient satisfaction with care.
August 15, 2012 – Jayasree Basu, PhD
Despite increased enrollment, the role of Medicare managed care in explaining declines in preventable hospitalization rates diminished over time.
August 15, 2012 – Al Lewis, JD
Savings claims for Community Care of North Carolina raise many questions, concerning both arithmetic/epidemiologic plausibility and omission of presumably authoritative but contradictory source materials/citations.
August 16, 2012 – Eric D. A. Hermes, MD; Michael Sernyak, MD; and Robert Rosenheck, MD
Academic detailing coupled with a provider survey did not decrease the rate of new prescriptions for costly, on-patent second-generation antipsychotics in a VA hospital.
August 16, 2012 – Andrew Kolbasovsky, PsyD, MBA; Joseph Zeitlin, MD; and William Gillespie, MD
Implementation of a point-of-care case management team consisting of a nurse, social worker, pharmacist, and health navigators reduced readmissions and associated costs.
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