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The American Journal of Managed Care May 2016
Greater Potential Cost Savings With Biosimilar Use
Benjamin Yu, PharmD
Implementing a Hybrid Approach to Select Patients for Care Management: Variations Across Practices
Christine Vogeli, PhD; Jenna Spirt, MPH; Richard Brand, PhD; John Hsu, MD, MPH; Namita Mohta, MD; Clemens Hong, MD, MPH; Eric Weil, MD; and Timothy G. Ferris, MD, MPH
Medicaid Managed Care Penetration and Drug Utilization for Patients With Serious Mental Illness
Aaron L. Schwartz, PhD; Jacqueline Pesa, PhD, MPH; Dilesh Doshi, PharmD; John Fastenau, PhD, MPH; Seth A. Seabury, PhD; Eric T. Roberts, PhD; and David C. Grabowski, PhD
Clinical Interventions Addressing Nonmedical Health Determinants in Medicaid Managed Care
Laura M. Gottlieb, MD, MPH; Kim Garcia, MPH; Holly Wing, MA; and Rishi Manchanda, MD, MPH
Physician Perceptions of Choosing Wisely and Drivers of Overuse
Carrie H. Colla, PhD; Elizabeth A. Kinsella, BA; Nancy E. Morden, MD, MPH; David J. Meyers, MPH; Meredith B. Rosenthal, PhD; and Thomas D. Sequist, MD, MPH
Potential of Risk-Based Population Guidelines to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk in a Large Integrated Health System
Galina Inzhakova, MPH; Hui Zhou, PhD, MS; Macdonald Morris, PhD; Megan I. Early, MD, MPH; Anny H. Xiang, PhD; Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD; and Stephen F. Derose, MD, MSHS
Enhanced Primary Care and Impact on Quality of Care in Massachusetts
Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH; Amy W. Baughman, MD, MPH; Sara Carlini, BA; Joel S. Weissman, PhD; and David W. Bates, MD, MSc
Breast Cancer Multigene Testing Trends and Impact on Chemotherapy Use
G. Thomas Ray, MBA; Jeanne Mandelblatt, MD; Laurel A. Habel, PhD; Scott Ramsey, MD, PhD; Lawrence H. Kushi, ScD; Yan Li, MD; and Tracy A. Lieu, MD, MPH
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A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Over-the-Counter Statins
Christopher Stomberg, PhD; Margaret Albaugh, MA; Saul Shiffman, PhD; and Neeraj Sood, PhD

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Over-the-Counter Statins

Christopher Stomberg, PhD; Margaret Albaugh, MA; Saul Shiffman, PhD; and Neeraj Sood, PhD
This paper estimates the costs and benefits of over-the-counter (OTC) statins using data on statin use and cardiovascular risk, clinical studies of statin safety and efficacy, and an OTC statin use trial.

Ultimately, the effects of OTC statins are uncertain and highly dependent on product labeling and consumer education. The results from our study suggest that with proper labeling and consumer education, it is very likely that OTC statins would be cost-effective, as they significantly improve population health without large increases in healthcare costs.


The authors wish to thank Andrew Huson of Bates White for help with the cost-effectiveness model and manuscript preparation.

Author Affiliations: University of Pittsburgh (SS), Pittsburgh, PA; University of Southern California (NS), Los Angeles, CA; Bates White, LLC (CS, MA), Washington, DC.

Source of Funding: This study was funded by Pfizer, with additional support from Bates White, LLC.

Author Disclosures: Dr Stomberg and Ms Albaugh are employees of, and Dr Sood was contracted by, Bates White, which was a paid consultant to Pfizer in connection with the development of this manuscript. Dr Shiffman is a consultant to Pinney Associates, which is a paid consultant to Pfizer.

Authorship Information: Concept and design (MA, NS, CS); analysis and interpretation of data (MA, SS, NS, CS); drafting of the manuscript (MA, NS, CS); critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content (MA, SS, NS, CS); statistical analysis (MA, NS, CS); obtaining funding (CS, MA); and supervision (MA, CS).

Address correspondence to: Neeraj Sood, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Southern California, Sol Price School of Public Policy and Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, University Park Campus, Los Angeles, CA, USA 90089. E-mail:

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