The American Journal of Managed Care > August 2016

The American Journal of Managed Care - August 2016

August 17, 2016 – Rebecca M. Roberts, MS; Lauri A. Hicks, DO; and Monina Bartoces, PhD
Antibiotic prescribing has become viewed as a patient safety and quality-of-care issue. The authors analyzed quality measures related to appropriate antibiotic prescribing and testing.
August 18, 2016 – Jesse M. Pines, MD, MBA; Frank McStay, MPA; Meaghan George, MPP; Jennifer L. Wiler, MD, MBA; and Mark McClellan, MD, PhD
The authors apply HHS’s payment taxonomy framework to acute unscheduled care and describe how payment reform supports delivery innovation.
August 18, 2016 – Li-Hao Chu, PhD; Michael Tu, MS; Yuan-Chi Lee, MS; Jennifer N. Sayles, MD; and Neeraj Sood, PhD
Adopting a patient-centered medical home model in safety net practices can effectively reduce emergency department use and increase the use of office visits among Medicaid patients.
August 16, 2016 – James D. Chambers, PhD; Pallavi B. Rane, PhD; and Peter J. Neumann, ScD
The authors review empirical evaluations of drug exclusion policies to examine their impact on patients and on healthcare costs.
August 16, 2016 – Jessica S. Ancker, PhD, MPH; Baria Hafeez, MS; and Rainu Kaushal, MD, MPH
Over 4 years, rates of personal health record use increased rapidly across the board, but a digital divide remained evident.
August 01, 2016 – Yanni F. Yu, DSc, MA, MS; Larry R. Hearld, PhD; Haiyan Qu, PhD; Midge N. Ray, PhD; and Meredith L. Kilgore, PhD
Using longitudinal Medicare claims data, this study quantified the association of the Medicare Part D coverage gap with medication adherence among beneficiaries with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
August 05, 2016 – Thomas E. Kottke, MD, MSPH; Michael V. Maciosek, PhD; Jacquelyn A. Huebsch, RN, PhD; Paul McGinnis, MD; Jolleen M. Nichols, RN; Emily D. Parker, PhD; and Juliana O. Tillema, MPA
Although team-based care improved cardiovascular disease risk factors, it had a negative financial impact on a primary care practice.
August 08, 2016 – Karen E. Joynt, MD, MPH; Jose F. Figueroa, MD, MPH; E. John Orav, PhD; and Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH
The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program has had a major impact on hospital leaders’ efforts to reduce readmission rates; however, important concerns about the program remain.
August 16, 2016 – Robert Ferrari, MD, MSc (Med), FRCPC, FACP, and Risha Gidwani, DrPH
A letter on reducing unnecessary spinal imaging through the introduction of an a priori threshold before an MRI, CT, or bone scan would be considered in patients with spinal pain, with a reply from Dr Gidwani, of the original February 2016 article.
August 22, 2016 – Steven M. Kymes, PhD; Richard L. Pierce, PhD; Charmaine Girdish, MPH; Olga S. Matlin, PhD; Troyen Brennan, MD, JD, MPH; and William H. Shrank, MD, MSHS
The authors found that comorbidity burden and the direction of behavioral change influence the relationship between adherence and medical spend. This could affect the cost-benefit considerations of medication adherence programs.
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