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Supplements Therapeutic Advances in the Management of Type 2 Inflammatory Disease

The Significance of the Type 2 Inflammatory Spectrum - A Q&A With Mark Boguniewicz, MD

If payers could appreciate the importance of allergic diseases as a global health problem, it might impact their view of our newest systemic therapy. Sometimes, all of our scientific discussions could be trumped by 1 patient telling their story of how they contemplated suicide because of the relentless pruritus and sleep disruption and their inability to interact socially, attend school, or hold a job. Those kinds of stories are powerful and instructive, and even though I’ve listened to them for 30 years, I’m always moved by them. We now recognize that patient-reported outcome measures should be an important part of evaluating patients, including in atopic dermatitis. Unfortunately, for busy clinicians, that whole aspect of the patient’s illness was often missed, because in a limited time, they were focused only on skin lesions or how a patient’s lungs sounded or what their nose looked like, and they didn’t have time to stop and ask, “What has life been like? Are you sleeping? Do you have a social life? Are you able to go to school or work?” There are some new validated tools that should help our patients and their caregivers communicate these important topics to their healthcare providers in an efficient and timely manner. 

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