Acute and Preventive Therapy for Migraine

Key opinion leaders discuss the differences between acute and preventive treatment in migraine, clinical guidelines and treatment selections, and options for migraine management and prevention.
EP 1: Acute and Preventive Treatment: Differences and QOL Impact
EP 2: Acute Migraine Treatment: Prevalence and Classes of Agents

Experts in the management of migraine discuss the prevalence of individuals taking acute migraine therapy and enumerate the various classes of agents available.

EP 3: Acute Migraine Therapy Unmet Needs

Key opinion leaders briefly discuss unmet needs in the acute migraine space and how to determine when to switch from an acute agent.

EP 4: Drivers of Health Care Utilization for Uncontrolled Migraine

Migraine specialists consider the drivers of health care utilization for uncontrolled migraine and discuss where individuals go to seek help for management.

EP 5: Advancements in Migraine Diagnosis and Treatment

A discussion on how advancements in migraine understanding have improved diagnostics and treatment.

EP 6: Determining and Measuring Individualized Treatment Goals

Key opinion leaders discuss the process of determining and measuring individualized treatment goals to ensure patients with migraine receive the most effective management.

EP 7: Transitioning from Acute to Preventive Care

Experts in the management of migraine consider the factors that contribute to transitioning a patient from acute to preventive care.

EP 8: Historical Perspective on Preventive Care

A retrospective analysis of preventive care and how advancements have allowed for more effective management of migraine.

EP 9: New CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies for Preventive Care

A discussion on emerging CGRP monoclonal antibodies for the prevention of migraine onset.

EP 10: CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies: AEs and Efficacy

Key opinion leaders discuss the various adverse events of emerging CGRP monoclonal antibody treatments and compare efficacy data.

EP 11: Patient-Reported Outcomes Data on Adverse Events

A migraine expert discusses clinical trial data on 2 CGRP monoclonal antibodies regarding adverse events and safety primary end points.

EP 12: Migraine Therapy Selection and Duration

Key opinion leaders discuss the process of selecting the right therapy for patients with migraine, with special consideration of the importance of patient preference, and how long to stick with a therapy.

EP 13: Measuring Response in Goal-Based Therapy

A discussion on how to accurately measure response to goal-based therapy and ensure patients are receiving appropriately effective treatment.

EP 14: Combining Acute and Preventive Therapy

Migraine experts consider how to safely and effectively combine acute and preventive therapy to meet individualistic and complex management needs.

EP 15: Managing Migraine Patients During the Pandemic

A discussion on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected conventional management of patients with migraine, and how to circumnavigate shortcomings.