An Overview of the Value-Based Marketplace

This Peer Exchange panel discussion reviewed the Value-Based Marketplace (VBM). The panel discussed the 4 major components of VBM and reflected on their issues, as well as their opportunities.

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Summary and Final Thoughts on the Value-Based Marketplace
July 11, 2019 – 
Provide an overall summary and share any final thoughts.
Conflicts in Business Models
July 04, 2019 – 
A review of the conflicts faced in the business models.
Prescription Drug Supply Chain and Innovation Costs
July 04, 2019 – 
Provide an understanding of the Prescription Drug Supply Chain and the costs associated with innovative treatments.
Primary Care Providers and Behavioral Health
June 28, 2019 – 
Expand on the role of primary care providers and behavioral health.
Advanced Primary Care
June 28, 2019 – 
Experts review the place for advanced primary care.
Current State of Medical Service Supply Chain
June 20, 2019 – 
Experts discuss the current state of medical service supply chain.
Facing Opioids and Obesity as a Holistic Approach
June 20, 2019 – 
Experts share thoughts on facing opioids and obesity when treating a patient with a holistic approach.
Social Determinants and Prevention With Population Health
June 13, 2019 – 
Experts review the social determinants and prevention aspects of population health.
Execution and Social Aspects of Population Health
June 13, 2019 – 
Experts discuss the execution and social aspects of population health.
Understanding Population Health
June 03, 2019 – 
Experts provide an overview and understanding of population health.
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