December 2015

Innovations in Chronic Care Delivery Using Data-Driven Clinical Pathways

December 23, 2015


This paper demonstrates that data-driven clinical pathways can be developed using electronic health record data to facilitate innovations in practice-based care delivery for chronic disease management.

An Introduction to the Health IT Issue

December 08, 2015


Recent policy changes and technological innovation have led to the widespread adoption of electronic health record systems and other forms of health information technology, which are starting to play an increasingly important role in the US healthcare system to improve quality while reducing costs.

EHR Adoption Among Ambulatory Care Teams

December 04, 2015


Health IT—enabled information sharing promotes communication within care teams. This study examined health IT adoption rates among practices that employ nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

A Health Systems Improvement Research Agenda for AJMC's Next Decade

November 10, 2015


The ultimate goal of the research that will be published in the pages of AJMC and elsewhere over the next decade is to provide those on the ground involved in health reform implementation and health systems redesign with critical, timely evidence in order to make mid-term corrections in the redesign of the US health system going forward.