December 2016

Accountable Care Organization Hospitals Differ in Health IT Capabilities

December 13, 2016


Hospitals participating in accountable care organizations (ACOs) have greater adoption of health information technology, particularly patient-facing technology and health information exchange, than non-ACO hospitals.

Building Health IT Capacity to Improve HIV Infection Health Outcomes

December 12, 2016


Massachusetts is integrating HIV surveillance and leveraging electronic health record clinical data into their electronic disease case management system to enhance monitoring the HIV continuum of care.

The Health Information Technology Special Issue: Current Trends and Future Directions

December 12, 2016


The 6th annual Health Information Technology (IT) issue occurs at a time of significant change in US health IT—related policies. These articles will offer guidance to those working to overcome their own health IT challenges and support practitioners’, policy makers’ and researchers’ efforts to leverage health IT in support of a better health system.

US Hospital Engagement in Core Domains of Interoperability

December 08, 2016


A national assessment of hospital engagement in key domains of interoperability, characteristics associated with engagement in interoperability, and the relationship between interoperability and provider access to clinical data.

Assessing Electronic Health Record Implementation Challenges Using Item Response Theory

December 05, 2016


It is unclear which barriers cause the greatest threats to the successful implementation of an electronic health record (EHR). This paper prioritizes the potential threats to EHR adoption using a novel analytic strategy: item response theory.