October 2018

The Characteristics of Physician Practices Joining the Early ACOs: Looking Back to Look Forward

October 08, 2018


Physician practices intending to join Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs) in 2012 had greater capabilities in health information technology, care management processes, and quality improvement methods than those not intending to join, but they still were far from using all recommended behaviors to manage risk.

The Authors Respond and Stand Behind Their Findings

October 04, 2018


Our study provides the first evidence on site-specific Medicare spending on chemotherapy adjusting for patient comorbid illnesses, cancer type, and other cancer-related risks.

Gatekeeping and Patterns of Outpatient Care Post Healthcare Reform

October 01, 2018


Is specialist “gatekeeping” in modern health maintenance organization (HMO) insurance associated with differences in outpatient care? The study finds that HMO gatekeeping may meaningfully reduce specialist utilization.