January 2019

The Gamification of Healthcare: Emergence of the Digital Practitioner?

January 16, 2019


Gamification in healthcare is gaining momentum, with attempts to apply gaming principles to improve patient clinical outcomes. This trend establishes the need for a “digital practitioner” who channels these games, monitors progress, and selects the most appropriate ones for a given patient.

Mind the Gap: The Potential of Alternative Health Information Exchange

January 15, 2019


Proprietary health information exchanges (HIEs) offer significant but uneven opportunities to advance provider connectivity. Open forms of HIE remain critical for comprehensive coverage of patient transitions.

Patient and Clinician Experiences With Telehealth for Patient Follow-up Care

January 14, 2019


Telemedicine visits may be used with established patients for follow-up care without a loss of patient satisfaction with communication with providers and with enhanced convenience and reduced travel time; a majority may be willing to pay standard co-pays or more for this convenience. Clinicians see value in this new mode of care to enhance connections with patients.

Drivers of Health Information Exchange Use During Postacute Care Transitions

January 07, 2019


Health information exchange offers significant potential to address unmet informational needs during transitions between hospitals and skilled nursing facilities; workflow barriers and design limitations currently limit value.

Alternative Payment Models and Hospital Engagement in Health Information Exchange

January 04, 2019


Alternative payment models (APMs) introduce value-based incentives for greater hospital health information exchange (HIE) engagement. We find that APM participation is associated with lower HIE volume and greater HIE diversity, breadth, and depth.