5 Things to Know about the ACA

Still a little hazy about the health care overhaul? You have plenty of company.

There are five things every American should know about the Affordable Care Act: 1) The law is in effect, 2) You will be required to have coverage, 3) Major milestones are looming, 4) Finanical aid extends to the middle class, and 5) Insurance prices may change. The Washington Post reports:

About half the people surveyed earlier this spring by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation felt they didn’t have enough information to understand how the law will affect their family. Among those with an annual household income of less than $30,000, some 30 percent thought the law had been repealed by Congress or the Supreme Court.

That’s the low-income demographic the law is designed to help the most as it extends insurance coverage to millions of uninsured people.

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