Facing Type 2 Diabetes in the Healthcare Reform Era

Supplements and Featured Publications, Facing Type 2 Diabetes in the Healthcare Reform Era [CME/CPE], Volume 16, Issue 11 Suppl


One of the greatest challenges facing healthcare systems today is the management of chronic disease. Patients with chronic diseases often require multiple medications, frequent physician visits and monitoring, and even hospitalization. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States, affecting over 20 million Americans. Diabetes causes significant morbidity and mortality and places a tremendous strain on the American healthcare system. One of the greatest contributing factors to the increase in diabetes prevalence is the increased incidence of obesity; in 2000, almost 20% of Americans were considered obese. In order to fight the growing prevalence of diabetes, numerous guidelines and consensus statements have been issued to lay the groundwork for the management and prevention of this chronic disease.

Despite these efforts, significant barriers remain. These barriers may only be overcome through significant change within the healthcare system. Value-based insurance design is one method that has the potential to bring about the necessary change to fight chronic diseases such as diabetes. Further investigation of clinical practice and payer models is necessary to resolve some of the interrelated clinical and economic issues associated with its implementation.

(Am J Manag Care. 2010;16:S303-S322)

No greater challenge faces healthcare systems than the management of chronic disease. Patients with chronic disease often require lifelong, daily medication, regularly scheduled physician visits, monitoring, laboratory work, and occasional hospitalization. Diabetes is a chronic condition affecting more than 20 million Americans. It causes significant morbidity and mortality, and places great financial strain on the healthcare system. In October 2010, a panel of experts assembled for presentations and a roundtable discussion on the current status of diabetes management, clinical challenges and barriers faced by patients, physicians, and the healthcare system, and potential strategies and initiatives to improve diabetes care. Key concepts and discussion points from this meeting are reviewed within this supplement.