About Best Practices in Diabetes Care

As diabetic patients and their physicians continue to work together to combat this metabolic disorder, researchers and medical organizations are uncovering new ways to fight this illness. With 26 million Americans currently battling the disease and 79 million already diagnosed with pre-diabetes, this disease poses a serious threat to our society and our overall healthcare system.

With these startling statistics in mind, the Northern States Ambulatory Research Network (NORTHSTAR), a practice-based research network composed of primary care providers in North Dakota and led by Charles Christianson, MD, joined together with The Physicians Foundation, a nonprofit national organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare for all Americans and advancing the work of practicing physicians.

The two groups conducted a study that examined which practice interventions used by physicians and other healthcare providers in North Dakota clinics produced better compliance with recommendations for diabetes care. This research resulted from a $370,000 Physicians Foundation grant awarded to establish NORTHSTAR, which is part of the University of North Dakota.

The study, titled "Diabetes Care Interventions: A Best Practices Study," revealed three best practices for both physicians and patients to utilize in ongoing diabetic treatments.

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Source: MedPage Today