Advanced Ovarian Cancer Patients Can Benefit from Pre-surgery Chemotherapy

Researchers at Cancer Research UK have challenged the current standard of care in advanced ovarian cancer patients. Results of their study, published in Lancet, found that administering chemotherapy prior to surgery can have huge benefits on health outcomes and the patient's quality of life.

A study published in Lancet has challenged the current standard of care for advanced ovarian cancer patients. Researchers at the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit at University College London randomized 550 women to receive 6 cycles of chemotherapy following surgery and 274 had surgery after 3 cycles of chemotherapy as a part of the CHORUS trial. The study found that patient outcomes as well as quality of life were much improved when patients were pretreated with chemotherapy. Additionally, when the surgery was delayed, fewer overall side effects were observed and the death rate was reduced.

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Source: ScienceDaily