Advice for Patients With Atopic Dermatitis

Elizabeth Acuna: The advice I would give to individuals who have just been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis would be, honestly, just to never give up. I talked before that I’ve had this disease state for 30 some years, and today is, now, when I’m feeling normal again. So, for those 30 years before, I went through all of the stages—the step 1, step 2, step 3, all the different medications that you can be offered. Unfortunately, those weren’t too successful or they were successful, plateaued, and then maybe went down again. I would say, honestly, never give up. I’m really impressed with modern medicine today and the options that are available. Maybe there’s something for everyone, depending on your own situation. That’s I guess the best advice I would say.

On top of that, of not giving up, is own your atopic dermatitis, own your situation. So, if it’s reaching out to your doctor, taking his or her advice and doing the protocols and all the extra steps to see what would work for you. If it’s bleach baths, if it’s wrapping yourself in Saran wrap, all these crazy ideas, really go above and beyond to what might help you. I saw allergists, I did food diaries, I’ve changed diets, tried different diets. Anything that will help, I think you have to take ownership of that, take control of that, and, as much as it’s affecting you, do as much as you can to prevent it or make it better on your own as well.

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