Advances in the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis - Episode 5

Advice for Understanding Hyperhidrosis

Brittany Estrin: For people my age with hyperhidrosis, I would want them to know that they’re not alone in going through this, that there’s tons of other people who actually have this condition and a lot of people who may not even know that they have this condition, that there are treatment options out there for us and that they shouldn’t give up. It’s a hard thing to live with, and it’s very difficult to go through daily life with it, but you’re definitely not alone, and we will, hopefully within the near future, figure out more options for this.

To treat others with hyperhidrosis, I would recommend to doctors or dermatologists not to brush it off as nothing, because a lot of people finally get the courage to go to the doctor about it and then the doctor says, “You know, maybe switch your deodorant or something.” I had one doctor when I was younger tell me that and say that it could be just hormones, and they didn’t really look into it. So, that really discouraged me from even going back to the doctor for it. Because I thought, “Well, if they brushed it off, the next doctor is probably going to do the same thing.” So, I think that one of the key things here is not to brush it off and to let people learn awareness about this disorder. I think it’s very important to spread knowledge about it, to get the word out there, and to explain to people what it is and how to treat it and that there are options out there.