AJMC® in the Press, February 17, 2017

A news article on using community health records to improve population wellness was included in the Politico Morning eHealth report. RevCycle Intelligence and Patient Engagement HIT both examined the results of a February article on an asthma education program. Health IT Analytics highlighted the findings of a January article that assessed the role of value-based payment in implementing an evidence-based mental health intervention.

The Politico Morning eHealth report on Monday highlighted a story from the newsroom of The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®) in its “What We’re Clicking” section. The article, “Community Health Records Offer IT Approach to Improving Population Wellness,” discussed a recent commentary in the American Journal of Public Health advocating for the development of community health records to aggregate and analyze data at the population level.

This week, 2 news sites examined the results of a recently published study, “Community-Based Asthma Education,” from the February issue of AJMC®. An article from RevCycle Intelligence emphasized that this innovative model could cut costs by lowering the number of emergency department visits and inpatient admissions for the asthma patients enrolled in the program. A Patient Engagement HIT story focused on the study’s finding that the patients scored higher on tests measuring their asthma control and knowledge after participating in the intervention.

The findings of a study in the January issue of AJMC® were summarized in a recent article from Health IT Analytics. Researchers assessed the role of value-based payment in improving patient outcomes resulting from the implementation of a mental health intervention in Washington state. “Healthcare providers receiving value-based payments are more likely to adhere to evidence-based population health management guidelines for depression than their fee-for-service peers,” the Health IT Analytics article began.

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