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AMCP 2023 Will Cover Biosimilars, Inflation Reduction Act, and Much More, Says Kimberly Westrich


Kimberly Westrich, director of value and access strategy at AmerisourceBergen, previews AMCP 2023 and her preconference session about incorporating value framework assessments into coverage and reimbursement decision-making.

Kimberly Westrich, director of value and access strategy at AmerisourceBergen, talks about what attendees can expect to learn at AMCP 2023, which takes place March 21-24, in San Antonio, Texas.


What can attendees look forward to at AMCP 2023?

AMCP Annual 2023 is going to be a really exciting conference. In addition to the always awesome networking opportunities that these conferences provide, there is going to be awesome educational information on everything from biosimilars to the Inflation Reduction Act.

When I look at some of the things that my company AmerisourceBergen has planned for next week, they really run the gamut. We have a corporate training program on health care economic information, we're sharing some information on innovative contracts for cell and gene therapy, we have an award winning poster on PBM [pharmacy benefit manager] formulary exclusions in oncology, PIE information for rare disease—PIE is Pre-approval Information Exchange. And of course, the one I'm most excited about is the AMCP Talks session that I'll be moderating on the use of value assessment information for coverage and reimbursement decisions.

What will attendees learn at your AMCP Talks preconference session?

Our session is on Tuesday afternoon, and even though it's a preconference session, it is part of the regular conference programming. It's free for anybody who's registered for AMCP, so I hope that we will see you there. It really has a full range of information. We're going to be getting into a little bit of research, a little bit of real-world application, and even some policy prognostication. So what exactly does that look like? In the research perspective, we collaborated with the National Pharmaceutical Council to explore how payers are using value assessment information in their decision making. We conducted interviews with payers and we really asked them, "How are you using this information? What does your committee structure look like? What are the sources of information? What do you wish you had that you didn't have?" So we have lots of insights that came directly from that research, but then we have some information on how payers are using this in the real world.

I'm really excited that Jessica Hatton, Brenden O'Hara, and Pat Gleason will all be sharing a little bit about how they use this information in their individual organizations. I think it's so important to hear how other payers are using this information that helps to have a true learning health care system. And then that last part, policy prognostication, John O'Brien, from the National Pharmaceutical Council will be sharing some insights on how the Inflation Reduction Act might impact the use value assessment frameworks. Of course, we'll have a panel discussion, lots of time for audience Q&A, so please bring your burning questions and join us at AMCP Annual.

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