Oncology Stakeholders Summit, Spring 2015 - Episode 22

Analysis of the Oncology Care Model

Bruce Feinberg, DO; Scott Gottlieb, MD; and Ted Okon, MBA, discuss the recent establishment of the Oncology Care Model by the CMS and compare its structure with the Community Oncology Alliance’s Oncology Medical Home model.

Mr Okon describes how the Oncology Care Model is similar to the Oncology Medical Home model. He explains that under both, the reimbursement structure involves care coordination fees and performance-based fees based on key measures. But while the Oncology Care Model seems enticing in theory, notes Dr Feinberg, there are some concerns about it.

Mr Okon explains that when this new model was developed, certain stakeholders did not have the opportunity to share their concerns, and not all feedback was taken into account. Furthermore, he notes, there are too many performance measures under this new model. “We don’t need all of those measures,” he says.