Tugwell P, Idzerda L, Wells GA. (Am J Manag Care. 2007;13[suppl 9]:S224-S236)

The American Journal of Managed Care, April 2008, Volume 14, Issue 4

After the publication of our December 2007 supplement, “Health-related Quality of Life in Rheumatoid Arthritis,” the Editors learned that several authors were not given the opportunity to review the final proofs of their manuscripts. As a result, errors were subsequently identified. In the article “Generic Quality-of-life Assessment in Rheumatoid Arthritis,” by Tugwell, et al (Am J Manag Care. 2007;13[suppl 9]:S224-S236), some of the indicators for Health Dimension and Psychometric Properties were missing from Table 1; some data in Table 3 were incorrect; and the reference numbers in Figures 1a and 1b were misnumbered.

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