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Supplements and Featured Publications, Management and Pharmacoeconomics of Dry Eye Disease: The Role of Cyclosporine, Volume 14, Issue 3 Suppl

Management and Pharmacoeconomics of Dry Eye Disease: The Role of Cyclosporine

This supplement to The American Journal of Managed Care provides information on the impact of dry eye disease on managed care, current trends in the management of dry eye disease, and the emerging role of cyclosporine as a diseasemodifying rather than merely palliative pharmacologic treatment.


Richard G. Fiscella, BS Pharm, MPH

Clinical Professor

University of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Todd D. Killian, MBA, MS

Director, Customer Marketing

Allergan, Inc

Irvine, California

Jeffrey T. Lee, PharmD, FCCP

Director, Applied Health Outcomes

Allergan, Inc


Franklin, Tennessee

Michael A. Lemp, MD

Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

Georgetown and George

Washington Universities

Chief Medical Officer

OcuSense, Inc

Washington, DC

Henry D. Perry, MD

Chief, Cornea Service

Medical Director of the Lions Eye Bank for Long Island

North Shore University Hospital

Manhasset, New York

Senior Partner, Ophthalmic

Consultants of Long Island

Rockville Centre, New York

Stephen C. Pflugfelder, MD

Professor of Ophthalmology

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, Texas

John G.Walt, MBA

Director, Global Health Outcomes

Strategy & Research

Allergan, Inc

Irvine, California

Allergan, Inc.

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