Avalere Analyst Reviews Future Change in Cancer Care Using Gene, Cell Therapies

Megan Olsen, MPH, principal at Avalere, discussed how gene and cell therapies can offer new treatment options for patients with cancer.


How do you anticipate gene therapies changing the face of treatments, especially in the oncology space?

Olsen: Yeah, that's a great question and one that we're starting to see play out right now as some of the earlier cell and gene therapies have entered the market.

Certainly, in the oncology space and more broadly, these are therapies that are 1-time administered and have a potentially more durable benefit over a longer period of time relative to more chronic therapies that are available today. In many cases, they are a treatment option for patients that have more limited options today, like maybe in the oncology space, where they have tried other treatment options that have failed. This is that next option that is available.

I think it's also important to acknowledge that as we think about some of the gene therapies, these are for some rare pediatric conditions in many cases where there are no or very limited treatment options available today. So, this is an entry of a really new treatment, which is exciting.