Clinical Frailty Scale Can Prevent Readmissions in Elderly, Study Finds

Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the study found that the scale can help predict readmission or death within 30 days after hospital discharge among geriatric patients.

Researchers at 2 hospitals in Alberta, Canada, monitored 495 patients for readmissions or death within 30 days of discharge; hospital readmissions are a significant cost drain on the healthcare system. Using a scale developed a while back, called the Clinical Frailty Scale, the researchers found that about 33% of patients who were monitored in the study had a score greater than 5 on the scale, a week prior to being readmitted. Further, 17% of these patients were readmitted or died within 30 days of their discharge from the hospital. The researchers were successfully able to predict post discharge outcomes using the scale, which the authors suggest can be included in the discharge planning protocol to improve transilitional care of those at highest risk of readmission.

The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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