Combating the Opioid Epidemic With Data Analytics: Mandi Bishop Interviews Dr Michael Petersen

Michael Petersen, MD, of Accenture Health, discusses the opioid epidemic and how data analytics can be used to break down the silos in healthcare to better care for people addicted to opioids and to prevent further spread of the epidemic.

No one is immune to the opioid epidemic—it affects people regardless of socioeconomic status and most Americans are just 1 to 2 degrees of separation from someone who has a substance abuse problem or addiction to opioids, explained Michael Petersen, MD, medical director and innovation lead of North America Opioid Epidemic Solutions Lead at Accenture Health.

In an interview with Mandi Biship, MA, CEO of Lifely Insights, Petersen discussed the opioid epidemic, the analytics opportunities, and how because the epidemic is so widespread, it is impacting productivity in the United States. He also explains how Accenture is helping to break down silos to better care for people addicted to opioids and to prevent the epidemic from getting worse.

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