Coverage Gaps Can Hamper Access To Some Breast Cancer Screening, Care

Breast cancer or the threat of it is a reality in too many women’s lives, including that of the actress Angelina Jolie as we learned earlier this month. As women mull their options for genetic testing, screening and treatment for the disease, one factor that can loom large is the extent to which their health insurance will cover whatever choices they make.

Most coverage is pretty good, experts agree, and it's getting better under the Affordable Care Act. Still, there are weak spots, and some plans are woefully inadequate. In those instances, a woman may face high out-of-pocket costs or have to appeal plan denials to get the coverage she needs.

Jolie announced that she underwent genetic testing and, after learning she has a genetic mutation that significantly increases her risk of breast and ovarian cancers, had a double mastectomy. Her mother died of ovarian cancer at age 56.

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Source: Kaiser Health News