Dr Abraham Nagy on Better Lifestyle Choices to Improve Headaches

Abraham Nagy, MD, chair of neurology at University of Las Vegas and director of Nevada Headache Institute discusses how better lifestyle choices can improve headaches.


How can better lifestyle choices improve headaches, and do you see as much difficulty altering patient behaviors in this area as clinicians do in other areas?

So, I think one of the easiest things for patients to think about and to approach with headache management are some of the things that have the most impact, such as regular sleeping, regular eating, [and] regular exercise. These are very common-sense ideas, but having routine sleep patterns, routine eating patterns, and 30 to 40 minutes of cardiovascular work a day can make major impacts.

Many patients are really averse to using an oral medication or an injectable medication because of potential side effects. These are easy lifestyle modifications that can have deep impacts in patients’ lives, and these are pretty easily adoptable.