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Dr David Adamson Recommends Professional Collaboration Amidst Abortion Law Variations


David Adamson, MD, emphasizes the need for continuous education and building relationships with colleagues to navigate the complexities of reproductive rights and evolving care standards.

David Adamson, MD, FRCSC, FACOG, FACS, a reproductive endocrinologist, surgeon, founder, and CEO of ARC Fertility, recommends addressing the challenges of varying reproductive care laws by actively participating in professional organizations like the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). He highlights the importance of collaboration among health care professionals and patients to better understand diverse values and challenges.

By engaging in committees and attending meetings, physicians can stay informed about evolving guidelines and standards, ultimately improving clinical care, he emphasizes.


How are these guidelines addressing the challenging situation with states having different reproductive care/abortion laws now?

I think the best way to do that is really to participate in professional organizations. I think people working together, professionals working together, patients working together, can achieve a lot more. There are a lot of committees at ASRM and there are certainly meetings—a big annual meeting is coming up next week—I think it's really important for all physicians to participate as much as they can in professional organizations because I think the information they get, the understanding of values and challenges that others have, can really increase their ability to understand where they are on guidelines and standards and to help them further develop their perception of these and how they fit into their clinical care.

I think it helps them provide better clinical care for their patients. I think it helps them talk to their patients better, and it will help them to evolve, because again, the standard changes over time as the technology changes and patterns of practice change. So I would say become involved professionally, and, of course, stay involved and knowledgeable about these other challenges around reproductive rights and around standards and around evolving care to stay knowledgeable through the professional societies and continuous education, and through developing relationships with your professional colleagues.

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