Dr. Joshua Bershad Describes the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital's Community Care Initiative

Dr. Joshua Bershad, Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer,

, talks about the $4 million grant the hospital received from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to launch a Community Care Initiative, and how healthcare professionals across the nation can make the most of these changing times.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ

In addition, Dr. Bershad discusses specific aspects of the Community Care Initiative, such as linking communities to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital to lower hospital readmission rates. He also discusses the initiative's two-pronged approach: direct services, which involves the transitional care model to provide supportive systems for patients when they leave the hospital (eg, transitional care nurse to call and visit patients at their home to ensure medication adherence, proper diet, etc); and health information technology to tie the provider network together and increase communication/transfer of information.