Dr Shruti Agnihotri Highlights the Importance of Value-Based Neurologic Care for Post–COVID-19 Patients


Shruti Agnihotri, MD, associate professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham, discusses how value-based care can help patients who experience neurologic chronic disease states after COVID-19, in addition to patients with conditions like stroke and dementia.

Value-based care is important for patients who experience neurologic issues after COVID-19, as well as patients with stroke and dementia, says Shruti Agnihotri, MD, associate professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham.


What role does value-based care play in neurological conditions?

Value-based care is very important in neurologic conditions—many different neurologic conditions, of course, in things like dementia, strokes—but I think it's also important in our post–COVID-19 patient population. At the heart of what we do so far for our post–COVID-19 patients is managing high blood pressure, diabetes; the chronic conditions, chronic states, which affect how the brain will function for these patients. I think, yes, there is a large role that value-based care or managed care can play in these patient care situations.

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