Neurological Disorders - Episode 9

Episode 9 - Exploring Trials, Data, and the Future of Multiple Sclerosis

During this segment, the panelists explore the results of multiple sclerosis trials that test disease-modifying therapies and conclude that it will take time and more experience ultimately show what the total impact of treating MS is.

Patricia K. Coyle, MD, is optimistic that data from emerging trials will provide positive results during the current generation, but believes in order for results to be effective, larger studies will need to be conducted.

Leslie Fish, PharmD, believes that in addition to larger studies, there is a need for national guidelines that provide treatment direction to clinicians and eliminate inconsistencies. Dr Fish explains that unlike other diseases, MS does not have a national guideline. There is currently no standard option for treating MS, and there is too much freedom for clinicians to select a therapy option and be the decision maker about the length of time a patient should be treated with therapy.