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Supplements and Featured Publications, Managing Oncology Costs: A Framework for Evaluation, Volume 12, Issue 1 Suppl

The American Journal of Managed Care

This supplement to provides participants with current information on the costs of cancer care, including economic modeling and methods of cost control. Debra Gordon, a freelance medical writer and editor, contributed to the writing of this supplement. This supplement has been reviewed by an expert in the field.

Guest Editor

Claiborne E. Reeder, RPh, PhDProfessor of Pharmacoeconomics

College of Pharmacy

Faculty Disclosure


In accordance with the ACCME, participants for this activity have completed conflict-of-interest statements.

In compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards, no presentations in this CME activity shall disclose the names or other identifiers of patients referenced without a signed waiver from the identified patient.

The American Journal of Managed Care

It is the policy of to have all faculty who participate in programs sponsored by pharmaceutical companies disclose any real or apparent conflicts of interest.

Dr. Reeder reports no relevant relationships with pharmaceutical companies.

Investigational and/or Off-label Use of Commercial Products and Devices

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine requires all faculty to disclose any discussion of investigational and/or off-label use of a pharmaceutical product or device within their presentation/report. Participants should note that the use of products outside US Food and Drug Administration—approved labeling should be considered experimental and are advised to consult current prescribing information for approved indications.

Dr. Reeder does not discuss any investigational and/or off-label use of a pharmaceutical product or device.

The American Journal of Managed Care,

A signed disclosure is on file at the offices of Jamesburg, New Jersey.