Frameworks for Advancing Health Equity: Urban Health Outreach


Key Takeaways


This episode of Managed Care Cast from The American Journal of Managed Care® marks the beginning of a series by the Center on Health Equity and Access. Setting the stage for a deep dive into various program initiatives across the US dedicated to mitigating health care disparities by closing the accessibility gap, the series' objective is to highlight actionable frameworks for improving equity in the health care sector.

Action Items

  • Continue expanding services and reach to more underserved populations.
  • Promote destigmatization of unstable housing, substance use, and mental health care across the health care system through training.
  • Teach peers how to care for this population and develop effective health equity initiatives.

"Frameworks for Advancing Health Equity" will feature a range of innovative programs developed within health care centers and their collaborating partners. In this inaugural episode, the spotlight is on the Urban Health Outreach program, an effort by the Center for Inclusion Health within the Allegheny Health Network (AHN).

The team lead of Street Medicine, Mary Sligh, CRNP, and Chelsea Chappars, project manager for Urban Health Outreach and Humane Health Coalition, detail their journey in providing care for individuals experiencing homelessness and their program's multifaceted approach.


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