French Government Negotiates a Deal With Gilead for Sovaldi

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Being promised a 100% reimbursement, Gilead will now make the drug available to HCV patients in France at 60% of the cost in the United States.


Gilead Sciences

has negotiated a big discount for Inc's controversial new hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, under a government deal that ensures it will be fully reimbursable by health-funding schemes.


The Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS) has fixed the price of a box of Sovaldi at 13,667 euros before tax, a reduction of 5,000 euros on the original price and "the lowest price in Europe", the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

Twelve weeks of treatment will now cost 41,000 euros ($51,373) before tax, against 56,000 euros previously.

In the United States, where Sovaldi's high price has sparked controversy and pushed up insurance companies' costs, a 12-week course costs $84,000, or $1,000 per pill.

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