GLP-1 Agonists With Insulin Yield Remarkable Results

A meta-analysis published in The Lancet found that the combination was most successful in achieving the target A1C, with a minimal risk of hypoglycemia and weight loss.


New research published in The Lancet suggests that a combination of an injectable glucagonlike peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonist with basal insulin may be an excellent treatment option in patients with type 2 diabetes, resulting in robust blood glucose control with no increased or weight gain.

The combination offers great potential due to the complementary effects of the 2 agents, explain Conrad Eng, MSc, of the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes, Toronto, Ontario, and colleagues in their paper published online September 12.

Senior author, Ravi Retnakaran, MD, also of the Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes, explained that there has been a "flurry of recent trials which have come out suddenly" studying combinations of these 2 therapies. He and his colleagues therefore decided to perform a meta-analysis. Of the 15 trials they included, the first few were conducted in 2011 but "9 or 10 are from 2014, and the majority from the past 3 months" he noted.

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Source: Medscape