Grand-Aides - A New Model of Care

During this segment, Arthur Garson, Jr, MD, MPH, highlights the benefits of an evolving hospital discharge program, Grand-Aides.

Dr Garson discusses the role of a Grand-Aide, commonly a certified nurse aide, and his or her responsibilities to the patient and family members following discharge. He further explains that the Grand-Aide is not the decision maker for the patient, but rather a director of the patient’s care. Through telemedicine, the Grand-Aide records video and relays important information back and forth between a medical supervisor and the patient and family.

Dr Garson also discusses how the Grand-Aides program developed, and explains how the program has effectively improved patient care and reduced hospitalization costs, overall lengths of stay, and rates of readmission.

As this new model of care continues to evolve, Dr Garson explains, it will be important for the CMS to support payment for telemedicine and the Grand-Aides program.

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