Health Equity & Access Weekly Roundup: July 8, 2024


AJMC's Center on Health Equity & Access shares new developments in HIV treatment, gynecological and multidisciplinary cancer care, and health care barriers faced by older Americans.

PURPOSE Program Could Prove Efficacy of Lenocapovir for Multiple Demographics

In an interview with The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®), Jared Baeten, MD, PhD, vice president of HIV clinical development at Gilead Sciences, discussed the promising trials within the PURPOSE program, which aimed to evaluate lenacapavir as a new HIV prevention method. The pivotal phase 3 trials play a key role in regulatory approval, with PURPOSE 1 showing promising early results and PURPOSE 2 expected to conclude by early next year. Baeten emphasized the program’s commitment to inclusivity, covering a wide range of demographics and needs, and suggested that the first regulatory approvals could occur by the end of next year.

Minority Patients With Gynecologic Cancers More Likely to Receive Treatment at Academic Facilities

A study in Gynecologic Oncology found that minority patients with gynecologic cancers are more likely than White patients to receive treatment at academic facilities. Using data from 484,455 patients, the study highlights significant racial and ethnic disparities in cancer care, including follow-up after abnormal screenings and participation in clinical trials. Despite higher odds of being treated at academic centers, minority patients often face poorer survival outcomes, with Black patients showing the worst prognosis regardless of the facility type.

Dr Michael A. Choti: Integrated, Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Management Crucial for Value-Based Medicine

At the second annual Advancing Value-Based Oncology Care meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, co-chaired by Michael A. Choti, MD, MBA, from Banner MD Anderson, the focus was on managing the complexities and costs of cancer care through integrated, value-based approaches. Key takeaways included the necessity of multidisciplinary cancer management, robust informatics, and analytics to optimize costs and practices while addressing disparities. In the interview with AJMC, Choti highlighted the role of innovative technologies like predictive analytics and artificial intelligence in balancing the high costs of cancer treatments with value-based care principles.

How Vanderbilt's Women's Heart Center is Bridging the Gender Gap in Heart Health

Kathryn Lindley, MD, FACC, at Vanderbilt University's Women's Heart Center, outlined the center's initiatives to address the gender gap in heart health research and care. Implementing a multidisciplinary approach aims to ensure seamless communication among specialists for comprehensive patient care. Research efforts focus on understanding women's unique heart disease risks with studies that integrate cardiology and obstetrics. Lindley shared that future initiatives include specialized clinics for cardio-rheumatology and menopausal heart health to provide targeted care for women with complex needs.

Reducing Low-Value Care Is a Feasible Approach to Enhancing Access and Affordability of High-Value Care for Older Americans

A study published in AJMC demonstrated significant barriers older Americans face in accessing high-value clinical services, particularly affecting those with cognitive impairments. The 2023 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report highlighted the need for better preventive care and management for this growing population. Low-value services providing minimal benefit were still administered, adding to unnecessary health care costs and burdens. Authors stated that addressing these gaps involves reducing low-value care to free up resources and improve access to essential services, advocating for integrated, patient-centered approaches, and considering innovative funding mechanisms to ensure high-value care is accessible and affordable for all older adults.

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