Hospitals Prefer In-House, Custom-Built Health Apps

Hospitals like Boston Children's and Penn Medicine think they are better off building in-house apps that are custom-made for their workflow, rather than risk buying those available in the market, which may not necessarily be a perfect fit.

Subha Airan-Javia, MD, and Stephanie Altavilla, RN, faced the same set of choices when they set out to create apps for their hospitals.

The first was whether to buy an existing app on the open market and try to fit it into their infrastructure, knowing that there was no guarantee it would fit smoothly into the existing workflows and that they might be faced with users who were unwilling to adopt it.

Or, they could write the apps internally.

The build versus buy decision can be a difficult one. Despite the hailstorm of apps available for free or at a relatively low cost, many of those geared toward hospitals or providers can be tricky to plug into existing workflows, let alone customize. Building an app with internal resources requires careful planning and a need to manage a development process. But providers like Boston Children's and Penn Medicine are rising to the challenge, creating their own apps with exactly the features and functionality their staff needs.

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