How Digital Therapeutics Can Help Payers Out of Regulatory Fix


Commercial health plans will soon face a new Federal rule that will require them to provide counseling to obese and some overweight beneficiaries-and most will need help complying. Omada Health co-founder and CEO Sean Duffy, writing this month in Evidence-Based Diabetes Management, tells how the CDC has opened the door for digital health programs to offer a scalable, effective solution.


PLAINSBORO, N.J.—Almost a year ago, the US Preventive Services Task Force called for commercial health plans to offer behavioral health counseling for persons who are obese and those who are overweight with at least one cardiovascular risk factor. Just how that would happen was less clear.

That mandate will affect any commercial health plan with a program year start after August 26, 2015. But a new branch of medicine, dubbed digital therapeutics, can be part of the solution, according to a commentary by Omada Health CEO Sean Duffy that appears online today in Evidence-Based Diabetes Management, a publication of The American Journal of Managed Care. The full commentary can be found here.

As Duffy explains, health plans can deploy digital programs that have received recognition for meeting the evidence-based standards of the Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program, run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some digital programs have demonstrated similar or better results than the in-person Diabetes Prevention Program, which has been widely used since its landmark clinical trial almost two decades ago.

The challenge for this type of behavioral counseling has always been scalability—how can the CDC and health plans reach the estimated 87 million Americans who have prediabetes before they progress to type 2 diabetes?

”The scope of the prediabetes epidemic —along with other obesity-related chronic conditions in this country – is staggering,” said Sean Duffy. “The only way to effectively reach the population at the tipping point for these diseases and change individual behavior is to scale up the delivery of these interventions – and digital programs must be part of the solution.”

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