AJMC in the Press, October 21, 2016

Coverage of our peer-reviewed research in the healthcare and mainstream press.

In an article on The Hill’s Congress Blog, 2 authors referenced their recent study in The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) about patients’ struggle to negotiate lower bills for out-of-network care. Kelly A. Kyanko, MD, MHS, and Susan H. Busch, PhD, had found in the study that of the 1 in 5 patients who attempt to negotiate, only half are successful in lowering the price. The authors built on these findings in the Congress Blog article, where they argued for legislation to protect patients from surprise out-of-network bills.

In an October 17 article in FierceHealthcare, Grant Ferowich cited AJMC research on the cost of nonadherence for diabetes patients in his article about Health Care Service Corporation’s new medication adherence program. The authors of the August 2016 study found that medication-adherent diabetes patients with 3 or more medical conditions cost $4653 more in the follow-up portion of the study if they became nonadherent.